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Allegiant Management System


In Allegiant Management system we work under different modules like Admissions, Fees and Certificates, Academics, Transport, Academics, Placements, Hostel and Mess, Laboratory, Library etc.

1) Admission- Enquiry, Application, Eligibility Criteria, Rank List.

2) Reports – Date wise, Course wise, Year Wise, Status Wise, Quota Wise, Staff log.

3) Statistics – year wise, course wise , date wise , summary, charts.

4) Student Profile- Student id, general info, Student list, Address list, Academic Career.

5) Print – reports, Statistics, Status.

6) Attendance – Date wise report, attendance between two dates, Subject wise Report, Student wise Reports, Attendance percentage Statistics.

7) Student Profile – General, Exam details, Attendance, Payment, Library, Skills and achievements, Print profile.

8) General – Time table, Syllabus, Subjects, Gallery, Calendar, Faculty subject allocation.

9) Faculty Profile- General, Course allocation, Subject allocation, Rating Diary.

10) Campus Mail – Circulars, Feedbacks, Messages.

11) Discussion Forum- Add topics, Modify, delete Scrapbook.

Allegiant Management system provides following features –

  • Online end to end campus management solution.
  • A comprehensive ERP software for Universities, Colleges, Schools etc. .
  • Reduce admin cost and paper work.
  • Bulk Data uploading facility.
  • Data conversion into various formats.
  • Pre-set and Authenticated Access to data.
  • Cost Effective Solution for total management.
  • Brings Students, Teachers and Management on common interactive platform.
  • Multiple Campus Management.
  • User friendly interface requiring minimal IT skills.
  • Real time monitoring of Student’s Academic Performance.
  • Students Fee / Payment monitoring and management.
  • Certificates Collections and Management.
  • Certificate and profile images uploading facility.
  • Faculty performance rating by students.
  • Hundreds of Statistics for performance Assessment for the Management.
  • Single click mail / messaging for Students, Faculty and Staff.





Allegiant Feedback 

Allegiant Feedback is web based system which provides a way for colleges, restaurants, hotels, shops & various Product/Service Provider to allow students, customers, clients, etc. to gives feedback for their respected firm for improvement. End-users are requires to gives feedback using one standard feedback form which is sent to them through sms. Users don’t have to pay additional charges for their feedback. Result is visible in the form of Pie & Bar Graph. Through those graph you can view in which area your students, customers, clients, etc. are impressed & in which area you need improvement. Security is also maintain by result of feedback is only visible to Admin. You can also publish your feedback result on your website.


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Allegiant Address Book


Allegiant address Book is a contact management software, wherewith you can note the addresses, birthdays, phone numbers, mobile, fax, company name, country, city, website address and email addresses of your contacts and partners. You can easy print list of contacts and details of selected contact.

Allegiant Address Book comprises of following features:

  1. Reminder
  2. Multiple Address Books.
  3. Unlimited Addresses.
  4. Networked or Shared Address Books.
  5. Categorize Your Addresses.
  6. Printing.
  7. VCard Support.
  8. Photo Support.
  9. Import and Export.
  10. Synchronize contacts.
  11. Quick Search.
  12. Privacy.
  13. Portable.